Here we are. Again.

February 25, 2006

Well, here I go again, trying to maintain a blog.

A quick review for those of you who just joined in:

My name is not important. Just call me mst and we’ll get along fine. I’m a high school senior during the part of the year where I’m in limbo between concentrating on schoolwork and waiting to hear from my dream schools. It’s not a fun position.

I recently quit my job as low-wage pizza slave and the local Hut. It was a fun six months, but the increased schedule of my extracurricular activities, along with my general dislike of how I was being treated, led me to wait until summer to begin working again.

I decided to drop Spanish III from my schedule and replace it with more physics. Don’t give me that look. I’m not crazy. I realized that a major part of my college education is going to be physics, and that the jump between high school physics and college physics is a large one. AP Physics should prepare me more for the speed and content of a college physics class, but also give me a chance to test out of some general ed. classes. Plus tha class size is the smallest I’ve ever had since transferring to ASH: 11. We hardly take up the front row of the classroom. It’s awesome.

Math League ends soon, and I leave it on a high note. At the final meet, I scored two perfect 7s on the individual events, and I helped the team tie for the highest score on the team event, a 20 out of 24. I thik I may have even secured the title of highest scoring senior. For thinking that my hopes of being a top scorer were crushed when I missed a test at the second meet, I’m really impressed.

The school continues to lose my paperwork. I had to rush in a week ago to have some stuff re-sent to Northwestern before the week of the 20th, otherwise my application will be canceled. This does not make me like the guidance office any more than I used to. At least my counselor is prompt when it comes to finding out why the secretary for M-Z never sent her the paperwork she needed to see.

Well, I think that’s all for now. We shall see in the morning.

Stapling Machine,



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